When White Gold is White Gold started, the idea was basic– providing fledgling authors an opportunity to have their work released someplace besides their own blog site. We wished to be a platform for up-and-coming reporters, and now, years later on, it’s safe to say we’ve accomplished that. We’ve released the work of numerous skilled authors, on a list of subjects, and our music protection is undoubtedly among our crown gems.

If you prefer to blog about music, you can do it here, any way you like. If you wish to evaluate a new album, go all out. If you wish to write a retrospective on an old one, that’s fine. If you wish to take speed with a bit of cough syrup and write a couple of pages of shit about the faces of Coltrane … Well we may be more reluctant about that, but we’ll certainly give you some great feedback.

What’s in it for you?

While wanting to prevent that rather nasty word, ‘direct exposure’, having a great clutch of posts about music in your portfolio will increase your reliability even more down the line, but wait, it improves. You see, White Gold is White Gold isn’t really practically providing authors their very first push, it’s about supporting imagination, in all its types. Through the years, CV has actually established terrific working relationships with up and coming artists, new labels and enthusiastic occasion masterminds, and with those relationships come benefits.